About Me


Mr. Ariful Hasan-Opu, is an eentrepreneur and a visionary who is widely recognized for his perseverance in the path of dreaming of a revolutionized Bangladesh. He is the CEO of e-Soft which is one of the leading Web-Based Solution firm in Bangladesh and also the Founder of doctorsbd.com, the first Health and Medical based web portal in Bangladesh. His company has been focusing on both Local and International Web and E-commerce Development and have gained massive recognition for their work. Other than working for development of his projects he has also been the Former Director of Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Services (BASIS) along with being the Independent Director of the Country’s first IPO listed software company, e-generation Ltd.

Mr. Hasan has gained substantial networking through the organizing of national and international events. He has organized well over 1200 events in affiliation with reputed minds and organizations that needs no introduction.Some of the noteworthy events include: BASIS Soft Expo, Digital World Innovation Camp, Space Innovation Summit, Women Empowerment Summit, and NASA Space Apps Challenge, an event which was directly supervised by NASA. Throughout his life he has gained tremendous respect and had also been honored with numerous awards. He achieved 7 Championship Awards for National Science Fair organized by the Ministry of Science Information and Communication Technology and have also achieved 32 awards for attending various Science and IT Fair.

Mr. Hasan has tremendous experience when it comes to attending seminars, conferences, and workshops. He had been provided the opportunity to speak in more than 250 national seminars, conferences, and workshops along with having the honor of travelling to countries like Netherland, Turkey, India, Sweden, USA, Denmark, Japan, Korea, and Singapore to speak in over 24 Seminars and Conferences and in many have led IT Industry teams to negotiate on behalf of IT business houses with different departments of government and development partners. Being a man with many attributes, it only seems logical that the person had taken part in events as an honorable judge. Mr. Hasan has been a judge to over 82 recognized national and international events, till date. The events organized worth putting special mentions are Bangladesh Gaming Expo, National Hackathon, Startup World Cup, Power & Energy Hackathon, Ideathon, BASIS Programming Contest, National Digital Innovation Award, World Summit Award, Student Startup, Basis National ICT Award, and a2i (Prime Minister Office) etc. Mr. Hasan has an exceptional interest when it comes to space travel. He has been very lucky to be one of the first Bangladeshi to experience Astronaut Training from the US Space and Rocket Center, Huntsville Alabama, USA.In order to share the wonderful experience, he have lead NASA Space Apps Challenge and have been victorious in year 2018.

He also organized events like Space Camp, Aviation Challenge and Astronaut Training in association with Space Innovation Camp for kids under 12 in hope they one day will also be able to experience the thrill he had experienced. With the dream to revolutionize the science and technology industry of Bangladesh, he set out to create yet another organization named Bangladesh Innovation Forum where 70,000 members from 64 districts are actively involved to ensure the dreams are turned into reality. The organization arranges workshops, training, seminar, summit, conference etc. for University and colleges students to help them get more actively involved and help increase their skills in the field of Robotics, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Space Science etc. Mr. Hasan believes working with these students will help ignite passion in them and accelerate their journey to reach the ultimate goal of building a technology-based culture. To help the vision

Mr. Hasan has been actively involved with government officials, working on projects to create job opportunities in the sector of science and technology to ensure the minds of the future get properly utilized in building of a revolutionized Bangladesh, becoming future scientists, astronauts, engineers and many more.

E-mail: info@ahopu.com